Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications

2nd International Conference 


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

04-05 September 2021



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International conference 


Artificial intElligence


Machine learning


Exploring the Impact, Advancement, Techniques and Applications


04-05 September

Call for Special Sessions

Proposals for Special Sessions (15-20 oral presentations, 10 min each) must be emailed to ICAIML secretariat chair@icaiml.com by August 15, 2020, please use Special Session Report format specified in Special Session Proposal Form. The organizer of a Special session may later revise the list of the Authors/ Speakers as well as include new entries. The inclusion of new Authors/ Speakers into a Special Session is possible until August 20, 2020.


Special Session Proposals need to be sent immediately to chair@icaiml.com for final approval, inclusion in Website and in submission portal.


The special session proposal form can be downloaded from here:


Special Session Proposal Form


We kindly ask you to bear in mind that payment of ICAIML2020 registration fee is required from every conference participant.


List of Special Sessions in ICAIML 2020:





















Title of Special Session

Chair/ Co-Chair

Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Email id: rameshkumarmeena@gmail.com


Dr. Nikhil Marriwala

Email id: nikhilmarriwala@gmail.com

Contact: +91-9416668482


Ms. Ashu Gautam

Email id: ashuone@gmail.com

Contact: +91-9810603179  

Dr Tushar H Jaware

Email id: tusharjaware@gmail.com

Contact:  +91-7588001699


Ms. Durgeshwari J kalal

Email Id: durgeshwari.kalal@gmail.com

Contact:  +91-8275561893

Dr. Manjot Kaur Bhatia

Email Id: manjot_bhatia@hotmail.com

Contact:  +91-810555592


Dr Suman Madan

Email Id: suman.madan72@gmail.com

Contact: +91-9654264353


Dr. C Komalavalli

Email Id: komalalvalli@gmail.com

Contact: +91-98118206061

Inviting Special Session Proposals, Accepting Entries in ICAIML 2020 and ACAIRS Awards

Telegram Link for ICAIML 2020 (Participant Only): https://t.me/joinchat/Qr0XtBjSFP2L-noDSQP93Q