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04-05 September

Special Sessions

Special Session Title: Data Science and Evolutionary Computing


Details of Special Session Chair & Co-Chair:


Session Chair:                Dr  Manjot Kaur Bhatia 

                                            Dept of Information Technology,

                                            Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, New Delhi



Session Co-Chair:        Dr Suman Madan

                                           Dept of Information Technology,

                                           Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, New Delhi



                                           Dr C Komalavalli

                                           Dept of Information Technology,

                                           Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, New Delhi



Aims & Scope:


The digitalization has augmented our capabilities for collecting and generating data from different sources. Large volumes of data are generated each and every day of our life. The objective of this session is to bring together the researchers, scientists, and scholars across the globe who have been working and are interested to learn and share the insights acquired in the area of Data Science and Evolutionary computing. It will focus on original research based on concepts, tools, and techniques from computer science, automated computing, and applied mathematics for the analysis with an emphasis on security and privacy in various domains like healthcare, cyber security or any other real-world problem area. Papers in the Special Session are expected to range over a wide spectrum of topics from theoretical results to practical considerations, and from academic research to industrial adoption.


Subtopics (Not Limited to):



  • Data Mining
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Decision Trees
  • Semantic Web
  • Large-scale visualization
  • Clustering and classification
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Data science for Cyber security




The Conference Proceedings as well as All the Accepted, Registered & Post Conference  papers  will be send for Indexing  and Inclusion in SCOPUS, Web of Science (WOS): CRC Press/IOP Science.


Submission Procedure:


Researchers  and  practitioners  are  invited  to  submit  papers  through  the below given easy chair link, while submitting paper under this session, Kindly select the paper topic: "Special Session Track: Data Science and Evolutionary Computing By Dr Manjot Kaur Bhatia" and after submission forward the acknowledge mail (Containing paper id, author names & affiliation, paper title) to: / /


Submission Link


Contributions   from   researchers   describing   their   original,   unpublished, research  which  is  not  currently  under  review  by  another  Conference  or Journal and addressing state-of-the-art  research (not a review and survey only paper) can be invited to share their work in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its applications.




All inquiries should be directed to the attention of Session Chairs:


Name:       Dr. Manjot kaur Bhatia/ Dr Suman Madan/ Dr. C Komalavalli

Email Id:,



Contact:  +91-810555592, +91-9654264353, +91-98118206061

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