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04-05 September

Special Sessions

Special Session Title: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Details of Special Session Chair & Co-Chair:


Session Chair:                Dr Tushar H Jaware

                                            Department of E & TC 

                                            R C Patel Institute of Technology Shirpur

                                            MS India


Session Co-Chair:         Ms. Durgeshwari J Kalal

                                            Pharmaceutical Chemistry

                                            R C Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

                                            Shirpur MS India



Aims & Scope:


Artificial Intelligence is transforming every aspect of the healthcare system. Now how AI is helping in discovering new links between genetic codes, maximising accuracy of robot assisted surgeries and overall proving to be a boon to the health industry. By assimilation of machines that can think, act, and learn diagnosis error is being reduced and countless lives are being saved. Future of the health industry is now depends on AI. Medical image analysis is an area which has witnessed an increased use of machine learning in recent times. Machine Learning aspires to provide computational methods for accumulating, updating and changing knowledge in the intelligent systems and particular learning mechanisms that assist to induce knowledge from the data. Health informatics is a relatively new area which deals with mining large amounts of data to gain useful insights. Data mining is a process of extraction of useful information and patterns from huge data. Medical image mining is one of the most rewarding and challenging field of application in data mining and knowledge discovery. The healthcare industry collects huge amounts of healthcare data which unfortunately, are not “mined” to discover hidden information for effective decision making. The common challenges in health informatics and efforts in related directions will be appreciated. This special session will not only focus on recent trends and developments at globally competitive environment but will also provide future directions to practitioners, engineers, students and researchers working on medical image analysis. It covers all aspects related to artificial intelligence, soft computing techniques, deep learning and machine learning techniques for medical image diagnosis. This special session welcomes unpublished research articles from researchers in academia and industry such as students, engineers, research scholars and scientists. This special session presents original research and technological development for addressing real and complex issues related to society and technology.


Subtopics (Not Limited to):


  • Medical image processing for disease detection and prediction
  • Machine learning in disease detection
  • Deep learning in disease detection and prediction
  • Medical signal and image processing based computer-aided diagnosis systems
  • Image–guided therapy, treatment monitoring and planning
  • Data mining techniques for Image Analysis
  • Ultrasonic acquisition and processing
  • Semantic segmentation of medical images
  • MRI, CT modalities for various cancer progressions
  • Image processing and analysis



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Submission Procedure:


Researchers  and  practitioners  are  invited  to  submit  papers  through  the below given easy chair link, while submitting paper under this session, Kindly select the paper topic: "Special Session Track: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare By Dr Tushar Jaware" and after submission forward the acknowledge mail (containing paper id, author names & affiliation, paper title) to


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Contributions   from   researchers   describing   their   original,   unpublished, research  which  is  not  currently  under  review  by  another  Conference  or Journal and addressing state-of-the-art  research (not a review and survey only paper) can be invited to share their work in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its applications.




All inquiries should be directed to the attention of Session Chairs:


Dr Tushar H Jaware

Email id:

Contact:  +91-7588001699


Ms. Durgeshwari J kalal

Email Id:

Contact:  +91-8275561893

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